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Spelthorne Natural History Society (SNHS) maintains a database of the species recorded by the members in the Spelthorne Borough area of Surrey. In what was the old County of Middlesex. This was VC21 in the Watsonian County numbering sequence and is still used today for species recording purposes to enable comparison of recent records with historical data.

The database is maintained for the benefit of the members of the society and the scientific community generally. The data is used to inform the members about the natural history of our area and their local area particularly.

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Send us your recordings

The SNHS Recorder would like to receive any records that our members have of the wildlife they see or find within the Borough to add to the Society’s database. Also, any records that are made on Society visits to other areas and particularly on the annual Members Weekend, these records are passed to the local Natural History Society or to the Local County Recorders as appropriate.

All records are wanted, but they need to have a minimum of information for them to be valuable.

  • WHO – Who made the original observation and the name of the person who made the identification if different from the original observer.
  • WHAT – An unambiguous name for the specimen, preferably the scientific binomial if possible.
  • WHERE – A reasonably accurate location. preferably as a minimum 6-figure map reference.
  • WHEN – The date of the original observation.

Any other information that seems appropriate such as the sex, stage, i.e. larvae, quantity, etc., if appropriate, can be added. A spreadsheet can be provided for those that find them useful, contact the SNHS Recorder(see below) and it can be emailed to you.

For those of us that report observations etc., on Facebook or iRecord please note that these sites are not trawled for records within the Spelthorne area because there is a real chance that some records will be missed! Also, due to possible Data Protection rules and Intellectual Rights requirements, we may not be able to use these records to their full advantage.

Please pass your records directly to the SNHS Recorder using the email address below.

The SNHS committee would like to thank the Herts and Middlesex Moth Group and particularly Andrew Wood, their website manager, for their very generous and invaluable help in setting up the SNHS distribution maps section on the SNHSociety Website.

SNHS would also like to thank the following for permission to use their photos for species illustrations, all of which can be found on their respective Flickr sites.

John Maxen (SNHS)

Patrick Clement

Gail Hampshire

Ben Sale (Herts & Middlesex Moth Group)

David Short


Contact us

SNHS Recorder : Richard Robinson

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